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MANUSELAPAK.COM is a fitness company based in Phnomh Penh, Cambodia. Manu is an abbreviation of the name of the founder, Emmanuel Onyedikachi Munonye. Selapak means Arts/entertain in Khmer. Manu Selapak therefore means Manu, the Artist/Entertainer. He is an Athlete, having fought in Kick-Boxing and MMA, with a recognition certificate from Kun khmer International Federation and also an Entrepreneur, being a Certified personal trainer. Acquired his fitness personal training certificate from NASM after 7 years of gym experience training and working with bodybuilders at Superfit - Fitness and Health Club.

Manu’s roots are in Africa, he was born in Nigeria but he has lived in Cambodia for almost 10 years and he speaks Khmer fluently. To find out more about us, kindly read the MANUSELAPAK PDF (click the learn more button for the download).

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Getting fit and staying fit is a process that includes many areas. At MANUSELAPAK.COM, we have developed a curriculum around the following activities that forms a complete getting & staying fit system.


Being flexible is an important attribute of a healthy body but flexibility has to be increased and gained with movement training.


A healthy body can endure stress or physical exercise for long periods of time with proper cardio training. That is why you should focus on developing your cardio.

Strength Training

Pure physical strength is a third important attribute of a healthy person and power can be gained by training hard & eating right. Strength is needed every day.


Once you have established a solid training plan in the 3 pillars (flexibility, cardio & strength), then it is time to get your nutrition optimized.


Starting martial arts will develop your mind & spirit even further which is why learning Martial Arts is essential for anyone who takes their journey of personal development seriously.

Mixed Martial Arts

Once you have learned striking, it is time to add wrestling & grappling to your skill set and glue them all together by different drills and exercises.

Our Trainers

Here is a list of our trainers.

Manu Selapak

Main Trainer

Emmax Emmanuel


Our Classes

MANUSELAPAK.COM, Manuselapak Healthy Life & Fitness offer the following classes. Please contact us to know the exact timings of the classes.


Here are testimonials from our current customers. They have all developed their physical and mental abilities by working together with the trainers of MANUSELAPAK.COM.

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MANUSELAPAK.COM, stands for Manuselapak Healthy Life & Fitness, a company based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Manu Selapak is in the business of making people the best versions of themselves, healthy, fit and confident. We strive to develop our customers with the highest standards available in the fitness industry today.

Our trainers have combined more than a decade of experience in the health & fitness industry and the main Trainer, Manu Selapak, is a professional Athlete, an MMA Fighter currently in the ONE FC roster.

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# 341, Mao Tse Toung Blvd
Toul Svay Prey 1
Phnom Phenh Cambodia

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